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Special FX Products & Glues

Fake Blood, Prosthetic Glues, Modelling Wax, Latex & Silicone for Special FX in Makeup, Movies, Zombie Nights & Halloween, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Robyn from AlwaysWicked Art is Makeup & Special Effects HOD for Public Zombie Announcements, a new web series by zombies to help zombies survive in a human world.

or visit the website here. to see the episodes as they go live. Most special effects & makeup products were provided by Always Wicked Art including liquid latex, 2 part silicone, contact lenses, Mehron Bruise wheels, TAG Skin Palette, Prosaide adhesive,Mehron setting powder, Mehron Coagulated Blood & much more.

Episode 1 will be broadcast 2nd January 2012 featuring our resident zombie band, Leadlight Rose.

You can find Leadlight Rose on Facebook here



FairyElfPixieAlienCostumesBodyPaintingFaceArtProstheticsGoldCoastBrisbaneTweedQueenslandAustralia pixie_elf_alien_fairy_ears_fancy_dress_costume_halloween_theatre_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia   pixie_elf_alien_fairy_ears_fancy_dress_costume_halloween_theatre_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia
pixie_elf_alien_fairy_ears_fancy_dress_costume_halloween_theatre_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia pixie_elf_alien_fairy_ears_fancy_dress_costume_halloween_theatre_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia pixie_elf_alien_fairy_ears_fancy_dress_costume_halloween_theatre_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia

Australian made and worn onstage by Deni Heines and Christine Anu!

These beautiful ears come in a range of colours for every skin type. They can be attached with cosmetic adhesive , latex or double-sided tape, and can be painted or blended in with make up or Face Paint  for a realistic appearance. They can also be trimmed to suit the size and shape of your particular ear. Use them again and again. I still have my first pair I bought 5 years ago-see the picture above!
A percentage of every sale is lovingly donated to the Brisbane Children’s Hospital.


Mehron ProColoRing Bruise Wheel

Used widely in FILM, TV,PERFORMANCE, TRAUMA SIMULATION, SPECIAL FX, this Bruise Colour Wheel is an essential product for creating bruise effects. A handy, easy to use colour palette. Combine the colours to show the different stages of a bruise .Bruises are initially very red, tend towards blues and purples as the bruise deepens and fade to yellow as they heal. Use a stipple sponge to apply colours to desired area to create realistic bruise effects.

Also used for the yellow look of Jaundice and black eyes.

Contains 5 colours:- Bloody Rose, Midnight Sky, Burnt Maroon, Spanish Olive and Maize Yellow. This is a Grease Paint and can be removed with Baby oil or Makeup remover.
Instructions included28g/1oz $29.95


Liquid Latex

For creating Prosthetics, fake skin,
wrinkles or as an adhesive 250 ml  $25.00



Silicon Modelling Compound

for scars, wounds and special effects $25.00


DERMOGUM by Laukrom

Dermogum is modelling wax used for camouflaging eyebrows, making features like deformaties and scars and creating artificial flesh. Apply it with a spatula and fix it with mastix adhesive. Foundation Makeup can be mixed with Dermogum before applying to achieve the desired colour, and aditional Makeup can be applied on top 150g $40.00


MASTIX by Laukrom

Mastic is a cosmetic grade adhesive used for beards, gems and prosthetics and for fixing modelling wax. It removes easily with alcohol $22.00


Mehron Ad Gem

AdGem is a LATEX FREE adhesive to use fro all body decorations. This LATEX FREE adhesive is a waterbased formula that is safe and comfortable providing the perfect amount of hold for Glitters, Jewels and other cosmetic accessories. It is in a liquid form when dispensed from the tube and quickly dries to a rubber-like consistency when it is exposed to the air

AdGem is unique for it's super strength grab that holds firmly even after a long night on the town or a long day on set. It has excellent water and moisture resistence

Removes easily with soap and water $10.50


Spirit Gum Adhesive & Remover 

Professional Quality Adhesive & remover. Use for applying and removing Prosthetics, Theatrical Hair and Special FX.$18.00

Pros-Aide cosmetic glue Small 8 ml $6.95, Large 60ml $23.00

pros-aide_cosmetic_gle_special_fx_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia pros-aide_cosmetic_gle_special_fx_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia

Pros-Aide is a strong but gentle cosmetic adhesive that comes in an easy to use applicator. It is waterbased, dries clear and is suitable for attaching gems, prosthetics, theatre hair and glitter.

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Blood Count-Fake Blood 60ml

Realistic looking blood for splatter drips and spray $15.00


Vampire Blood 25ml

Water soluable Horror Blood in plastic Squeeze bottle $6.00


Blooding Teeth

Non- toxic fake blood capsules for a gruesome effect at the exact right time! $5,00


Toothout Black Wax

Professional quality Black wax to give the appearance of missing teeth $5.00


Fright Fangs

Drac is back! Try these fangs for a frightening look! $5.00

vampire_fangs_costume_special_effects_makeup_halloween_body_painting_supplies_gold_coast_brisbane_tweed_queensland_australia Vampire Fangs

A speciall effect dental appliance. Includes dental putty for a custom fit every time. $8.00



Reusable glow in the dark claws can be applied with spirit gum or pros-aide adhesive for an effective scary look! $22.00


Mehron Barrier Spray $13.95

 - Mehron Barrier SprayThis is my favorite spray sealer. Originally developed as an underbase for 3-D gelatin appliances to increase durability. This sealer also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives; may be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve. Barrier Spray can be used under makeup to stop sweat or over makeup to set it after applying Powder
Barrier Spray is a clear alcohol-based, cosmetic grade film that is designed to create a barrier between the skin and the makeup.It prevents staining from highly pigmented Colors. Best of all, after the makeup application it can be used as the final seal for makeup to proctect it from rubbing off
Barrier Spray also helps keep you from breaking out while sweating with makeup on or if you have allergic reactions to the makeup



Stipple Sponges

Textured sponges for creating the look of  3 day growth, pirate beards, bruising and grazes . Great for shading on monsters, dragons and textured clothing.$2.50 each


TAG Skin Palette

TAG Skin colours are fantastic for aging and lining the face, as well as creating skin pulls associated with fake "stitches" over wounds. Great colours, and easy to wash off. $32.80

There is a bigger variety of special effects products available in the shopping cart.

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Always Wicked Art online Shopping is now up and running with a lot more products than are shown on this page, so feel free to browse here,
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or phone or email Robyn.
M 0438020861
P 0755763784

Payments can be made by Direct Debit, Internet Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or by Credit Card over the phone as we have EFTpos Facilities.

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Fake Blood, Prosthetic Glues, Modelling Wax, Latex & Silicone for Special FX in Makeup, Movies, Zombie Nights & Halloween, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Queensland, Australia


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