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Body Paints and Face Painting Supplies - Australia

Body Paint and Face Painting Products - Australia. Also Sponges, Brushes, Special FX, Balloons, Glitter Tattoo Kits, Gem Powders, Costumes, False Eyelashes, Books and Videos.

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TAG Quality Face & Body Paints

Professional waterbased high pigment makeup VIBRANT
COLOURS. Has excellent coverage, maintaining brightness,
with lighter colours clearly showing, when used over darker
colours. All paints are non toxic, skin safe and FDA, EU
approved. Simple to use, easy to remove. NEW! Face Painting Starter Kits available!

Click here to see more TAG Face & Body Paints

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Paradise Face & Body Paint

A semi-soft; water activated moist cake makeup. Professional Body Painters and Face Painters love the ease of application and the ability to fully control the depth of the colours.
The creamy consistency makes this make up a dream for blending and line work, while being gentle on the skin  .

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SHOP NOW for Paradise online.


Rainbow Cakes, Split Cakes & 1 Stroke Cakes

Face Painting made easy with Rainbow Cakes, Split Cakes & 1 Stroke Cakes. Great for school fetes and quick impressive face painting

See more Rainbow Cakes, Split Cakes & 1 Stroke Cakes

SHOP NOW for Rainbows online



Diamond FX Quality Face & Body Paint

Highly pigmented professional waterbased make up.
Has excellent coverage, maintaining brightness with lighter
colours  clearly showing when used on top of the darker ones.
All paints are non toxic, skin safe and FDA, EU approved.

Click here to see more Diamond FX Products


Face & Body Painting Sponges and Brushes

Austalian Made Wicked sponges in Apricot, Green and Dark Pink. Suitable for face painting, body art, Makeup and
Special FX

Click here to see more Sponges and Brushes

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Special FX Products & Cosmetic Glues

Fake Blood, Prosthetic Glues, Modelling Wax, Latex & Silicone for Special FX in Makeup, Movies, Trauma simulation,
Zombie Nights & Halloween

Click here to see more Special FX Products & Cosmetic Glues

SHOP NOW for Special FX & Cosmetic Glues online



Face Painting & Body Art Accessories

Practice Heads, Fairy/Pixie Ears, Detailz, False Eyelashes & much more!

Click here to see more Face Painting & Body Art Accessories

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Cosmetic Glitter, Gem Powders & Glitter Tattoo Kits.

Highest grade cosmetic glitters for use on face, body and nails in a wide range of beautiful colours .
Stunning Gem Powders by Mehron
Glitter Tattoo Kits for all occasions!

Click here to see more Cosmetic Glitter, Glitter Gels & Glitter Tattoo Kits

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Face Painting, Body Art & Special FX Books and DVDs.

IWe stock llusion Magazine and a huge range of fantastic books Wolfe Brothers, Mark Reid, Marcela Murad& more for Artists at all levels, as well as an awesome selection of DVDs so you can learn and practice at home.

Click here to see more Books, Magazines & Videos

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Qualatex Professional Modelling Balloons

Qualatex Balloons - Professional Modelling Balloons

for all your Balloon Twisting occasions!


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Fancy becoming a Clown or Entertainer? Want to add fun to Church or Family Events?
Classes available- see classes page


Adult Costumes& Accessories .

Fabulous one of a kind adult costumes.
Coming soon


Childrens Costumes & Accessories

Princess Hats, Fairy Wings and Skirts, Pirate Bandanas
and more

Click here to see more Childrens Costumes & Accessories


Fairy & Angel Wings

Childrens, adults and pets fairy wings

One of a kind specialty wings made to order

Coming soon!


Flower Wreaths,

Triple bound with wire, tape and ribbon.
One of a kind wreaths in all sizes and colours

Click here to see more Flower Wreaths

SHOP NOW for Flower wreaths online

Body Painting and Face Paints Products - Australia - TAG, Diamond FX, Paradise Sponges and Cosmetic Glitter

Magic Tricks

Simple Magic tricks - Fun for everyone
Coming Soon

Body Paint and Face Painting Products -Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed, Queensland, Australia. Also Makeup Sponges, Brushes, Costumes, Glitter, Glitter Gels, Balloons, Special Effects, Glitter Tattoo kits, Gem Powders, False Eyelashes, Latex, Fake Blood,Books and DVDs.


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